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Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch

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Dare to Change conference in Malaysia April 2019

Michael Rauch & Dr. Kenneth Rauch will be presenting at the “Dare to Change: Construct your future through digital transformation” conference in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia April 25th & 26th. Check out this post for details on topics that will be covered.

Taking place on April 25th & 26th in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, the “Dare to Change:  Construct your future through digital transformation” conference will be held at the Pacific Sutera Hotel.  Michael Rauch & Dr. Kenneth Rauch will be presenting on multiple topics throughout the two days, as well as participating in a six member panel discussion.    

Dare to Change Conference Topics

The Dare to Change conference will focus on three key objectives.  

  • Leveraging digital innovation effectively throughout the entire organization.  
  • Increasing employee engagement and efficiency through improved customer journeys and loyalty.
  • Enhancing internal collaboration and communications.

With an estimated 200-300 participants ranging from executives, business owners, & educators, attendees will learn both theory and experiential topics around:

  • Digital Transformation – Transform or disappear
  • Cultural intelligence introduction, exercise & analysis
  • People first, setting a digital culture
  • Profiling your digital journey
  • Using Agile within your culture
  • Digital transformation within education
  • “Dare to Change” concepts to practice
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Lastly, to finish the conference a six member panel will take questions and provide further insight into conference topics.  The panel will include a dais representing:

  • Director of Ph. D program (Dr. Kenneth Rauch) – c
  • Digital & Agile Consultant (Michael Rauch) – c
  • CEO of MARii – c
  • Lazada
  • Maxis
  • Gleneagles Hospital

NOTE: c denotes confirmed representation

Check back at rauchdigital.com for more developments, details on conference topics, and posts around conference discussions.  Be sure to, follow @rauch_digital on Twitter during the conference on April 25th & 26th to receive updates throughout the two days!

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