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Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch

Aslan’s Accessories refreshes eCommerce site design

Dog groomers & pet lovers need to make their pets look good! So what better way than to put bows, ribbons, & bandanas on them to show off their style. That is just what Aslan's Accessories is all about, but they needed some help to take their eCommerce website to the next level!

Aslan’s Accessories came to Rauch Digital with a need to revamp their existing eCommerce website. Their site offers accessories for dog groomers and owners. But their original launch was executed by college students, and lacked the true digital marketing and UI/UX design knowledge needed to showcase the brand and engage customers as they browsed the site.

Website Design  

The existing site had most of the primary elements, but things needed re-ordered a bit. First and foremost, the messaging was hard for potential customers to follow.

So to kick things off we created a new hero image with a clear H1 headline. Followed up with a subheading. Then a Call to Action to push users to the eCommerce section of the site.

Next we promoted a ‘featured products’ section to the top of the site. Continuous updates allow for seasonal product offerings to be showcased. This strategy also offers users a new experience as they return to the site.

Lastly we made global updates to the navigation and footer to better align to industry stand setups. This allows all users a consistent experience to find exactly what they are looking for. And fast!


With eCommerce being the primary intended usage for the site, we wanted to create a better experience for potential customers. First focusing on revamping the categories, product titles, and product landing page design. Customer now are greeted with a smoother user experience. Quickly connecting them to the products they are looking for.

Search considerations

As with any site, there was careful care taken to ensure that we were setup to reap the benefits of any SEO juice existing for product keywords.  Focusing first on onsite elements, careful consideration was given to all meta descriptions, page titles, and keyword placement. Coupling this with the mobile friendly and speed focused design, we solved for the key foundational search elements.  

After launch, a new site map was registered with Google through the Google Webmaster Tools suite.  Now the site is being indexed by Google, creating potential for organic search traffic. This approach has created a robust technical strategy for the initial SEO at site re-launch.  Our future efforts have focused on off page elements, specifically a link building strategy.

What’s next?

While the re-freshed website is now live, there are many more enhancements coming in the future.  We will continue to build out the site to offer more robust content for customers searching for solutions.  We will also aggressively grow our search presence with both on-page efforts and off-page focuses.

In summary      

It is always an exciting project, helping small businesses take an existing site to the next level through implementation of best practices.  Does your organization need a site refresh? Do you need help with search engine optimization, social media marketing? Or any other software solutions to better serve your customers?

If so reach out to Rauch Digital today and start the journey toward your improved user experience!

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