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Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch

(My) Top 12 list of Non-Blog WordPress sites

Even the big guys think WordPress is great. One source estimated in 2018 that up to 30% of the websites on the internet use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS) platform. Yet still, there are many folks out there who feel as though Wordpress is just a blogging platform, or worse yet it is not secure enough, or robust enough to be used by a major business.

With that, I thought “why not disprove this common thought.” So, without further ado, here is my top 15 list of “enterprises” using WordPress as their CMS platform, but utilizing it for more than just a blog.

Disclaimer: When I created this list, each site was validated with the web tool https://builtwith.com/. Overtime, things change so feel free to use this or other tools to validate or update my findings, and hit up the comments section below with changes.


Zillow is a resource for home buyers and sellers, boasting of 110 Million U.S. homes on their site. What I like about the site is it’s intuitive design and user interface. You are able to quickly navigate to what you want, and then based on your need, tools are there to drill down to any of a number of different home features.


Walt Disney Company

This is Disney’s corporate website and offers information and links to many of their other brands. With an estimated 2017 revenue of $55 billion, and ranking at number 55 on the Fortune 500, one would guess they could afford to use any platform they wish for their corporate website. They have chosen WordPress.

The Walt Disney Company

University of Washington

The University of Washington has an estimated 31 thousand in undergraduate enrollment and is the largest university in the state of Washington. They have chosen WordPress as a platform which fits their needs, but it is interesting that they do not seem to be forcing https.

Rauch Digital Marketing - Washington University

New York Times

I get it, while the New York Times is not a “blogging” site given their journalists write most of the articles offered on the site, it still uses a “blog” feel. However, with approximately 1,300 news staff and an estimated 2.9 million Digital Only subscribers, WordPress is still robust enough for their needs.

Rauch Digital Marketing - The New York Times

Dallas Mavericks

I’m a big Shark Tank fan – entertainment value only, given it is a bit unrealistic from a business side. However, if WordPress is good for Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavs, well that is all you need to know.

Rauch Digital Marketing - Dallas Mavericks

Sony Music

Sony Music boast some of the biggest names in music entertainment. Artists such as, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Will Smith, The Chainsmokers, and In Flames (one of my favorites bands) are represented by this music industry giant. Overall, kind of a plain design but I am sure they are putting more effort into their artists sites than their own.

Rauch Digital Marketing - Sony Music

Snoop Dogg

Arguably one of the best rappers of all time, and a key driving force behind the entire West Coast gangsta rap genre which was so popular in the 90’s, Snoop Dogg’s official website used WordPress. I mean seriously ask yourself, if it is cool enough for Snoop, shouldn’t it be for you as well? (Hey Snoop, get an SSL for your site)

Rauch Digital Marketing - Snoop Dogg

Mercedes Benz

When you think “luxury” car brand, many think Mercedes. Overall it is a simply, clean design. But when your product is a car that costs this much simple is better. Let the product speak for itself.


I would suppose that Wired falls in the same category as the NY Times. While their site is not a blog, it does showcase their content much like a blog. Regardless, if you are geek I guarantee you have used their information to make decisions, learn about new products, or let’s face it…waste hours of time!

Rauch Digital Marketing - Wired

Microsoft Studios

Where do you go to learn about the latest with Halo, Gears of War, and Microsoft Solitaire Collection (man I love some Free Cell)? Microsoft Studios, that’s where!

Rauch Digital Marketing - Microsoft Studios


It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. His attitude toward just getting after it, carrying a positive attitude and just crushing it keeps me energized. His “full-service digital agency” VaynerMedia uses WordPress for their website. I would call it a clean, simple design but that is ok when your content is at another level.


Rauch Digital

Shameless self plug, well sure! I put this one on the list to prove that I practice what I preach. And while I am certainly not as large as many of these other sites, I moved all my sites to WordPress years ago. Since then I have transitioned multiple legacy sites as well. I find that no matter how much I think I know, I unlock new features and capabilities all the time. The best part is that I am still able to create fully custom designs.

Rauch Digital Website Image

What are your favorite WordPress sites? Leave some others in the comments, I would love to learn of other large organizations using WordPress for their non-blog based website solutions.

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