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Michael Rauch

Connecting your passion to your website

It is beyond exciting to write this post! It is official…Rauch Digital is ready to connect your passion to your website. By developing a digital footprint, without breaking the bank.

After building a career on managing software development projects with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and everything in between, I continuously saw an opportunity to help SMBs achieve the goal of telling their story and connecting with customers.

But all too often I observed that SMBs were getting priced out of working with many agencies. The foundational element of designing and developing your organization’s website shouldn’t be a choice between high quality OR affordable pricing.

We all live in an incredible age of accessible technology that should be able to drive prices down, but keep quality up. However organizations need a partner who not only knows the tools, but knows how to leverage them to make your passion stand out on the web.

And that is precisely where Rauch Digital comes in. To serve a need in the market, by leveraging the latest digital principles with the best tools. Technologies like WordPress, Google Analytics & Search Console, Crazy Egg, SE Ranking & many more. You have a partner ready to take your organization’s digital presence to the next level!

The Approach

Our clients have found the most value in striving toward small wins that build to a larger goal. With a background in Agile project management, this approach is not used by accident. Rather, it is instilled in every partnership.

But what does that mean? Simply put, we begin with a quick ‘intro’ call or meeting. Maybe just a 1/2 hour, but we like to learn about your previous digital marketing journey, your business strategy as a whole & where you perceive your needs to be. A multi week or even multi month discovery process is just not necessary anymore!

After we develop this basic understanding of your needs, we leverage Google Analytics to baseline your competition’s web presence and current traffic. This creates the necessary foundation to make informed decisions about how to leverage digital marketing to drive results over the long term.

46% of consumers asses the credibility of websites based in part on the overall visual design of the site.

A Psychology of User Experience: Involvement, Affect and Aesthetics | By Phil Turner

The most successful clients find the greatest results by starting with a web design refresh. Creating a modern, user experience (UX) optimized, but also technically sound website we create a foundation for all future digital marketing projects. Depending on factors like scope, the current site, content/copy & image or video assets, the website re-launch can be done in no more than 1-2 months.

By launching a new website, your organization now has a partner who is empowered to leverage many other digital marketing tools. Whether it is creating image and video assets to better tell your brand story. Or developing an ongoing SEO strategy. Maybe an email marketing campaign. Or creating a Social Media strategy. The foundation is there to move any direction needed.

The Primary Service

Website Development

All websites are developed for mobile responsiveness. This means that your website will showcase the same content, with different layouts on desktop, laptop, tablets, & mobile phones. Organizations typically require one of following websites.

75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Stanford Web Credibility Research

Brochure websites

These websites are popular for service based B2B & B2C organizations. Simply put they offer information about an organizations offerings, and contact information. Often times there are forms for lead generation & contact. Or custom integrations to connect with customers for options like scheduling an appointment.

Catalog & eCommerce websites

These are the two most common sites for B2C product focused companies. Overall, both of these sites function similarly. The primary difference is that a Catalog website uses the Call to Action of a contact form, directions or phone call. Whereas an eCommerce site offers customers the ability to purchase a product directly from the site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a term often thrown around. Even looked at as this magical thing. But in reality if an organization establishes the right goals, executes the up front technical work, and then sticks to a content program – great results can happen.

Our clients have found the most success in leveraging SEO services in two ways. To ensure technical stability of their site. And to execute keyword research. At that point, the internal team takes on the challenge of writing weekly blog posts, or other engaging content for their site.

But…there is a catch! It takes TIME. There is no rush to being good at SEO. The truly successful companies must look at this venture as a long term investment. A focused effort of 6-12 months is usually needed to see any noticeable results.

The Results

While we could go on about all the great things we could do to move your business forward. Take a look at a testimonial from one of Rauch Digital’s longest standing customers.

Are you ready?

The cornerstones of transparency, positivity, and strong communication are what makes our partnership a success. Small and medium businesses deserve an affordable, but high quality digital footprint.

So what can we help your business achieve? Do you have an outdated website? Are you curious where you presently rank in search-ability? Are you ready to connect with your customers in new ways?

Then reach out today and start up a conversation!

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Michael Rauch

After building a career on managing software development projects with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and everything in between, I continuously saw an opportunity to help SMBs create agency quality websites, without breaking the bank.  Learn how we are connecting passions to websites.

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