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BCB Mechanical Services, Inc. launches new website

In this post we celebrate the launch of the new bcbmechanical.com website, the build out of their Facebook page, and our first sponsored ad run.

BCB Mechanical first came with the need for a logo.  Back in early 2018 they were a newly formed company needing a start to their brand.  So we took that first step and developed a brand image. Then BCB went out to build their customer base.  As with many organizations they saw great initial success but wanted to kickstart that next step in their company’s growth.

With this in mind we collaborated on what the best path would be for a young company to further their brand message.  The answer came quickly. Build out of a single page website, to create a foundation for future development and content. Couple this with building out of the branding of their Facebook page. And the last element, a monthly sponsored post ad campaign.

Website Design  

Simplicity was key for our start to the website.  Therefore we focused on creating a single page website with the primary calls to action being:  phone calls and contact form. This will allow BCB Mechanical to offer existing and future clients the ability to quickly connect and request services. As we continue to develop the site, content build out will occur, highlighting pictures from projects and jobs.

Rauch Digital - BCB Mechanical Website

Search considerations

As with any new site, there was careful care taken to ensure that we were setup to reap the benefits of any SEO juice existing for industry keywords.  Focusing first on onsite elements, careful consideration is given to all meta descriptions, page titles, and keyword placement. Coupling this with the mobile friendly and speed focused design, we solved for the key foundational search elements.  

After launch, a new site map was registered with Google through the Google Webmaster Tools suite.  Now the site is being indexed by Google, creating potential for organic search traffic. This approach has created a robust technical strategy for the initial SEO at site launch.  Our future effort will focus on off page elements, specifically a link building strategy.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook

Our Social Media Marketing strategy focused first on the three key elements to a Facebook business page. Page branding build out, organic posting strategy & paid sponsor ads.

First with the page branding build out.  The key element we focused on was to create a consistent brand experience between the logo, website and Facebook profile.  Also quick updates to basic information such as phone, hours, address, etc… were important to ensure that potential customers who came to the page were able to find all the key information on BCB Mechanical.  

Rauch Digital - BCB Mechanical Facebook

Next up was a build out of an organic posting strategy.  Keying in on creating original content that was helpful to those reading the posts, while also providing information about the current spring maintenance special was the strategy.  Also research was conducted into what the best post days and times. This allows us the ability to examine how users interact with the posts. Then adjust.

Lastly, we created and launched a seven day sponsored post campaign informing users of the $59 spring maintenance program.  The call to action was set as a “Call Now” action to generate immediate contact with interested customers.

At time of publishing this post, our combination of these three strategies has resulted in:

  • Growing from 9 page likes to 124
  • Sponsored ads being shown to 1,505 Facebook users over a seven day period
  • 19 “Call Now” actions during our campaign

But most importantly BCB Mechanical has been able to connect with a few new customers, with multiple other leads in the works.        

What’s next?

While the new website is now live, there are many more enhancements coming in the future.  We will continue to build out this new site to offer more robust content for customers searching for solutions.  We will also aggressively grow our search presence with both on-page efforts and off-page focuses.

Lastly, future organic and sponsored Facebook marketing campaigns will ensure that customers who have not heard of BCB are able to connect and get the services they need.  BCB has some new found momentum, but it is hopefully only the beginning.

In summary      

This was an exciting project, being able to help a burgeoning company create opportunities to define their brand.  Does your organization need a new website? Do you need help with search engine optimization, social media marketing? Or any other software solutions to better serve your customers?

If so reach out to Rauch Digital today and start the journey toward your improved user experience!


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