Ryan Ripley & Co.

The Challenge

Ryan Ripley & Co. produces one of the top ranked Agile podcasts – Agile for Humans. The site was originally created for the purpose of showcasing the podcast. However recently there began a shifting focus to include training offerings, consulting services, & speaking engagements. This required a restructuring of the site.

The Solution

Given Agile for Humans ranking within the Agile Podcast community we needed to carefully execute our redesign as to not impact the heavy traffic to the site. We were able to develop a refreshed look while also implementing a new Event feature to display the latest Scrum.org classes being offered by Ryan Ripley & Co.

Brochure Website

Mobile Responsive, brochure website focused on providing brand development, organizational information, photos, service offerings, and more.

UI/UX Design

Refreshed the user experience (UX) by developing better user interactions (UI) via the website, focusing on key design elements, brand elements, and content refinement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Resolved all technical SEO elements, such as creating the proper H1, H2-6, p on all text elements, Image Alt Tags, Sitemap submission, Canonical tags for duplicate content, Google Analytics, Google Search Console & executed keyword research.

Wordpress Development

Developed custom software application(s) through Wordpress to solve the organization’s needs by leveraging design thinking.

The Result

Traffic to the site has only picked up since launch and there appears to be no signs of stopping. Most recently we executed the transfer of all podcasts to Fireside.fm which now becomes the source of truth for all Podcasts. We then implemented the RSS Aggregator plugin to pull in all the podcasts which continue to live on the Ryan Ripley & Co. website. Next up is a focused effort on SEO development to further connect with people who are seeking out the latest information related to Scrum practices.

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