Aslan's Accessories

The Challenge

Aslan’s Accessories came with a need to revamp their existing eCommerce website where they offer products for dog groomers and owners. Their original launch was executed by college students, and lacked the true digital marketing and UI/UX design knowledge needed to truly showcase the brand and engage customers as they browsed the site.

The Solution

Rather than scrapping the whole thing, the focus was to execute a “facelift” to the existing site. First was created a hero image section with a clear H1 and Call to Action. Next we focused on rearranging existing modules, bringing a greater focus to the eCommerce functions of the site. Lastly we took a deep dive into the SEO elements to help grow the brand. Starting with the technical aspects (proper H1, H2, H3, then meta descriptions, page titles, image alt tags) we were able increase traffic and eCommerce sales.

eCommerce Website

Mobile Responsive, e-commerce website focused on product offerings, brand development, and company information.

UI/UX Design

Refreshed the user experience (UX) by developing better user interactions (UI) via the website, focusing on key design elements, brand elements, and content refinement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Resolved all technical SEO elements, such as creating the proper H1, H2-6, p on all text elements, Image Alt Tags, Sitemap submission, Canonical tags for duplicate content, Google Analytics, Google Search Console & executed keyword research.

The Result

The momentum is moving in the right direction for Aslan’s Accessories online business. Search traffic continues to increase, with site views growing each month. In the past six month period, Aslan’s Accessories has also seen a continued increase in online sales.

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